Entry Deposit and Costs per Option

Entry Deposit

Together with your online entry we expect a deposit payment of EUR 100.- per person.
This payment can be done immediately at the online entry per payment by PayPal.
You also can pay the deposit by bank transfer to
IBAN AT812011100003503801 / BIC GIBAATWWXXX
A general Administration Fee of EUR 50.- will be deducted and the remaining deposit will be included in your final balance.
In case of cancellation until July 1st, 2016 the full deposit will be refunded, in case of a later cancellation EUR 50.- will be kept as Cancellation Fee.

Costs per Option

Option A1, Katana Rental
Option A1: Katana Rental
Expect EUR 2,30 per minute of actual flying time. Landing Fee at LOAN EUR 12.- ; No Instructor Fee.
Your Rental Company will be: trytofly@chello.at on Homepage: www.trytofly.at
Option A2, Seneca Flying
Option A2: Seneca Flying
Expect EUR 7,35 per minute of actual flying time. No Instructor Fees.
Your aircraft owner is: on Homepage: www.flyace.at
Option B, Hohensalzburg
Option B: Salzburg (Hangar 7/8 and Hohensalzburg)
EUR 89.- per person for Bus, Visit at Stiegl-Brewery and Dinner on Hohensalzburg excl.drinks.
Homepages: www.hangar-7.com , www.stiegl.at , www.festungsrestaurant.at
Option C, FlyIn Photo
Option C: FlyIn and Photo
EUR 20.- per aircraft for organization, photopreparation and evaluation.
Rules to find in Menu: Options / FlyIn and Photo.
Option D, Precision FlyIn
Option D: Precision FlyIn to LOAN
EUR 40.- per aircraft for organization, photopreparation and evaluation.
Rules to find in Menu: Precision Flying.
Option E1, Visit the Drones
Option E1: Visit The Drones
EUR 5.- per person
Homepage: www.schiebel.at
Option E2, Visit the Diamonds
Option E2: Visit the Diamonds
EUR 5.- per person
Homepage: www.diamond-air.at
Option F, Operetta
Option F: Operetta on Lake Neusiedl
EUR 98.- per person for Snacks, Bus and Operetta-Entry category 5.
Homepage: www.seefestspiele-moerbisch.at
Option G, LHFM
Option G: Fly to Hungary LHFM
EUR 5.- per personee Landing fees covered
Homepage: www.meidl.hu
Option H1, Gyrocopter
Option H1: Fly Gyrocopter
EUR 3.- per minute or EUR 180.- per hour, no Instructor Fee, No Landing Fee.
See Homepage: www.pannonien.tv
Option H2, Esterhazy-Castle
Option H2: Esterhazy-Castle
EUR 55.- per person inclusive bus transfer, lunch, visit to the gardens, coffee-shop
Homepage: www.eszterhaza.hu
Option L, Forchtenstein
Option L: Forchtenstein Dinner
EUR 79.- per person for bus transfer, outfit for dinner, medieval dinner, excl.drinks.
Homepage: Forchtenstein-Homepage
Option Z, Back Home
Option Z: Back Home
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Special Requests
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