Option B: Salzburg (Hangar 7/8, Hohensalzburg)

August 11th, Thursday
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  • Fly in from all over Europe!
    Also our club members from Austrian Sportsflying Club will join in.
  • We meet in Salzburg LOWS (Welcome Desk available, on approach report "Austrian Fly In" ).
    For hotel booking we recommend Hotel Laschinskyhof, see menu "Hotels"
  • In the afternoon visit the famous Red Bull Hangar 7 and Hangar 8!
  • Homepage: www.hangar-7.com
  • Pickup with an original London Doubledecker-Bus and a furher visit in the Salzburg Stiegl Brewery (founded 1492!).

    Homepage: www.stiegl.at
  • Finally we will be high over the city in the fortress "Hohensalzburg" and have a medieval dinner and medieval entertainment.

    Homepage: www.festungsrestaurant.at
  • Overnight in Salzburg!