Option D: Precision FlyIn to LOAN

August 12th, Friday
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  • Either from Salzburg LOWS - or on course flying in from Europe from the West to LOAN - you start a given routing (See our Homepage "Precision Flying and Photos")
  • Starting point will be East of Salzburg.
  • You get several photos from Austrian sights from us to identify and locate on this routing.
  • Arrive with an announced speed over the final overflight point.
  • Continue direct to LOAN or proceed on the VFR sightseeing route passing the city of Vienna on course to LOAN.
  • We will welcome you at our Welcome-Desk in LOAN - please report to tower "AustrianFlyIn"
  • You will need tie down material for your aircraft as the parking will be in the grass area.
  • We offer a hotel in the vicinity of the airport for overnight - please book yourself (See our Homepage "Hotels").
    Transfer service will be organized.

Approach to LOAN from North to Runway 27