The following rules (UPDATED) apply for taking part in the Precision FlyIn Approach to LOAN:

  1. Participants must have entered via our homepage, nominating aircraft-registration, PIC, COP and Pax.
  2. For every aircraft an intended average speed must be given.
    1. Participants with takeoff from Salzburg LOWS will receive a departure sequence.
    2. Participants enroute on flying in on Friday August 12th have to inform us about intended time overhead the Austrian border.
  3. Starting Point, Routing, Finish Point, Photos will be handed over in LOWS before departure on Friday August 12th.
  4. When overflying the Starting Point an SMS has to be sent to with Registration, overflight time in UTC.
  5. Flying is at your own responsibility according VFR (we recommend to establish contact with Wien Information 124.40 for flight following).
  6. Use of IFR-instruments or GPS-based flying are not permitted on fair basis.
  7. Photos are taken on Waypoints for decision CORRECT YES/NO (not necessarily in direction of light or PIC-side).
  8. Additional photos are taken enroute to be marked on your chart.
  9. When passing over the Finish Point an SMS should be sent to with Registration, overflight time in UTC, planned time for landing in LOAN.
  10. For photos correctly marked within a distance of maximum 3 Nm from the precise point are awarded with 2 points.
  11. For photos incorrectly marked a fine of -2 points is calculated.
  12. Each correct decision of a Waypoint Photo is awarded with 2 points.
  13. Each incorrect decision of a Waypoint Photo has fine of -2 points.
  14. Final evaluation is based on Photo points. In case of a tie the flight time is used for ranking. For a difference of more than 1 minute from the calculated time overhead the Finish Point a fine of -1 point per minute discrepancy is calculated.
  15. The Routing Chart with the Photos marked has to be handed over at maximum within 5 minutes after landing in LOAN.
  16. Price Giving will take place at the Farewell Dinner.
Starting Point
Sample Photos - not to be used!
Finish Point